Cartographic Services

Cartographer is the technical name for a map-maker. We at Rajshree Editorials provide services related to academic cartographic projects such as Atlases and all other services related to Maps and GIS. No matter how large or small, Rajshree Editorials can design and create a map for almost any purpose. A custom made map is one that exactly suits your needs, so you and your customers do not have to settle for an 'off the shelf' option. Our Cartography team can work with your data, or we can source some for you. Most geographic data formats are supported as we work with a variety of software.

Classroom Maps and Atlases

  • New Modern School Atlas
  • Standard Atlas (English, Hindi)
  • Outline Maps
  • Chart Book
  • Wall Maps
  • Science Charts
  • History Charts
  • Knowledge Series
  • Various other World maps and books

Tourist Maps and Atlases

  • City Road Guide
  • State Road Guide
  • Regional Road Guide
  • National Road Guide
  • Road Atlases
  • Traveler Companion

Historical Atlases

These maps are basically the maps related to different events of Indian history and World history. These maps are made for educational, academic and other purposes so as to understand our past better. We at Rajshree Editorials design these historical maps according to the client’s requirement and our editorial team provides the best suitable related information for the same.

Our historical expert editorial team consists of scholars from India’s renowned universities, such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University etc. to help the publishers and academicians for their projects and books.

GIS Services

A Geographic Information System (or GIS), is a software and database combination that can store, update, manage and display a wide variety of information about geographic locations in the form of points, lines and polygons (areas). For example, one such location might be a small town. The town centre can be defined as a set of latitude and longitude coordinates so its location on the Earth is precisely known.

Below are some examples of custom maps and digital cartography. For a free quote or advice on your proposed mapping project, please see the Contact page.

India States Maps

India States Maps
India States Maps
India States Maps
India States Maps

India Historical Maps

India Historical Maps
India Historical Maps
India Historical Maps

World Maps

World Maps

Other Cartographic Services

  • Research & Compilation
  • Editorial & Fact-Checking
  • Program Development
  • Book Layout
  • Product Layout
  • Product Development
  • Map Design & Production
  • Illustrations & Art
  • Animations & Interactive Graphics
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Photo Research
  • GIS Services
  • Emergency Management Mapping
  • Chamber Mapping
  • Map Printing