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Rajshree Editorials is a company incorporated in India, providing copyediting, project management and other consulting services to academic authors worldwide. We offer academic editing and proofreading, business content development, copywriting, translation and documentation services. Recognizing the need for top-quality English correction services and academic content development, a group of writers, editors and copy writers who worked in top publishing houses started this content and editing services in Delhi, India.

Rajshree Editorials and its team work closely to provide the best services to their clients, so as to make the product market competitive. Our team comprises a young and energetic group of book/journal editors, quality assurance specialists, qualified and experienced educationists, managerial and marketing staff. Each process team consists of a balanced combination of experience and fresh skills in key publishing processes. The editorial and quality assurance teams constitute graduates, postgraduates, doctorates, researchers pursuing doctorate across various subjects from reputed institutions in India. The cartography and mapping teams constitute well qualified and experienced cartographers, geographers and editors, having more than a decade of experience. Rajshree Editorials makes publishers work easy by taking up their writing, content development, editing and proofreading work to give you high-quality documents and presentations.
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Services we offer

Content Design
and Development

Rajshree Editorials offers academic content development, copywriting services for both online and offline publication houses. Read more

Copy Editing

We strive to make your manuscripts precise and conforming to internationally accepted industry norms. Read more

Proofreading and Quality Assurance
Proofreading And
Quality Assurance

We provide professional document editing and proofreading services. also proofreads academic documents and essays. Read more


We are one of the leading providers of professional and accurate translation services in India. Read more

Typesetting Services
Typesetting Services

We strive to make your manuscripts precise and conforming to internationally accepted industry norms. Read more

Cartographic Services
Cartographic Services

We offer cartography services for a variety of users like research organisations, government departments and private companies. Read more

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